Cape Town Safari


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If you ever dreamt of seeing the big five up close and not on that big television screen, then this is the tour for you. Cape Town does not only offer water fun but land expeditions as well.

Africa is a destination of dreams because of its famous big five and Cape Town safari is not an exclusion. Sometimes all you need is a break from all the city hustle and bustle, cars honking, phones ringing and enjoy a full day of fresh breath of air with our hairy friends.

Take a time out to enjoy the game drive and see animals in their natural habitat at Inverdoorn Game Reserve. These include the variety of antelope species, elands, wildebeest, rhinos, zebras and if you think things could not get more interesting, the Cape Barbary Lion which is rare to find.

Stephenson Adventures is committed to make this Safari game drive a memorable experience for you and your family, friends or colleagues.

Tour Starts: 08:00

Duration: Full day


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Inverdoorn Game Reserve (Game drive)
Cheetah Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
The Ceres Fruit Valley (drive by)
The Klein Karoo and wine region (drive by)

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