Cullinan Diamond Tour


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This world famous diamond mine is a renowned source of rare diamonds. Cullinan scored its place in history in 1905 when the largest rough gem diamond was found and cut to form the two most important diamonds in the British Crown Jewels.

Experience surface and underground mining methods or glory hole mining uniquely practised at Cullinan Diamond mining. The presence of the state-of-the-art diamond cutting factory makes your tour much more interesting as you can buy diamonds and jewellery straight from the source at best possible prices.

Tour Starts: 09:30

Duration: Half day


This tour covers the history of the mine, mining methods including the glory hole mining method which is the combination of surface and underground mining and the exciting geological processes that are responsible for the creation of diamonds. You can even buy diamonds at the best possible prices.

Surface Tour of an active mine
Video on SA diamond industry
Opportunity to purchase diamonds

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