Shark Cage Diving and Viewing Tour


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It’s all about water fun in Cape Town. The Western Cape is one of the most important great white shark research areas in the world making Gransbaai the world’s great white shark research area.

Get up and close and personal with these great predators whilst appreciating their beauty by cage diving. This is the most exhilarating experience meant for the strong hearted and adventurous.

If you think you are not that strong then you can watch these amazing creatures launch themselves into the air while on the hunt for seals from the deck of the largest and most stable boat operating from Gransbaai Harbour. Be a thrill seeker for once!

Tour Starts: 05:00

Duration: Full day


You will be picked up from your hotel or residence as early as 5am en route to Gransbaai. Breakfast, overview of the day and safety briefing will introduce you to this adventurous day. After launching from Gransbaai Harbour and anchoring near Shark Alley, you are ready to cage dive. Whilst cage diving you will come face to face with the world’s greatest and feared predators. Do not jump out of your skin, it’s part of the fun! View the Great White Sharks, seals, various birdlife and whales in season. Then you will return to Grabsbaai Harbour where you will view the DVD of the day, receive your diving certificates and return to your respective residences with smiles on your faces.

Please note that cage diving can be done in any season of the year but the breaching expedition only takes place from June to September.

Interacting with nature’s greatest savages through cage diving
Viewing of white sharks, seals, various birdlife and whales in season
DVD of the day
Certificates to cage divers

We can fetch you from your current location and take you back. (Terms and conditions apply)

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